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Keychain Exposes Big Business!!!! (1/4)

Hey guys,

That’s right!! I’ve finally tracked him down and exposed him for the evil scoundrel that he is!! Hahaha, at last the truth is out!!

Just kidding.

What I actually have today is way cooler than that. You probably caught my recent post announcing Big Business’ upcoming Humour and Improv Seminar. You can read it here: CLICK.

Well, I managed to get the man himself on a phone call from New York. I grilled him on his credentials, his experiences in comedy and game, and on some of his best information. I’m going to release it for you guys on this blog, one episode every 3 days. (Mark it in your schedule).

Looking forward to reading your thoughts/reactions/request in the comment section below! :)

Without further ado, here’s part 1:

This is a great way for guys to learn to pump emotional state. This guy (big business) seems like the real deal. I see a lot of guys who use “humor” in the wrong way….I think this seminar could give guys a good understanding of HOW to use humor

Ye ah, he seems like a good dude. Unlike most of Lovesystems guys that really are not helpful at all!

[…] Some of you may remember the free interview I did with Big Business when he first launched the seminar back in January 2010: http://www.adventuresofkeychain.com/2010/01/14/keychain-exposes-big-business-14/ […]

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