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Phone and Text Book Launch!!!

Hey guys!

I’m excited, Mr.M just forwarded me an insiders’ copy of the finished phone and text game ebook and it’s insane!

First of all, it’ s absolutely huge. This isn’t some shoddy collection of articles that barely touches twenty pages…nope, this behemoth is one-hundred and seventy five pages long!

I get so many emails from guys who have taken our bootcamps and maybe a 1-1 or two – they’re able to get numbers by the dozen but still mess up on the follow-up. Guys, without decent phone and text game you’re not gonna get many dates.

There are full-length transcripts of phone conversations and text-banter that show the whole progression of turning a cold number into a hot date. You can be sure I’ll be analysing these closely to steal all the good stuff ;)

I heartily recommend you get this new book and turn those tough numbers into solid dates! Check it out here: http://www.lovesystems.com/pages/affiliate_link.php?f=/books/phone-text-game&kbid=85116&m=230

All the best,


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