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Keychain at the Real Man Conference 2010!!

Hi guys! This year I’ve been invited to speak at the Real Man Conference in Aachen, Germany on April 10 and 11. I spoke at the first of these events in 2008 (read my review here) and absolutely loved it. It was a fantastic chance to get close and personal with some of the dating […]

Hilary Duff Teaches Girls How To Get Engaged!!!

This is genius. http://boston.barstoolsports.com/random-thoughts/hillary-duff-teaches-all-girls-how-to-handle-getting-engaged/ Good one

Worst Approach Anxiety EVER!!! (VIDEO)

Hey guys, Have you heard of ‘being stuck in your head’, when you overthink everything so much that you’re actually paralysed and cannot act at all? Well this is THE WORST CASE of this you’ll ever see Enjoy! Keys Funniest shit ive seen all day. “propulsion system” to eject from the set ahahahahahahha tweeted and […]

Big Business Launches His Humour Seminar!

Hi guys,
On January 31st in New York City, my good friend Big Business is launching a seminar entitled Humour & Attraction!

A Word on Seminars
I’m often invited as a guest attendee to expensive dating seminars and I’ve noticed something. A lot of people running these things have a very surface level understanding of their topic, gleaned […]

Thundercat ranks Keychain #8 Pick-Up-Artist in the World!!!

Hey guys, Today, Thundercat posted his famous Top Ten List of Pick-Up Artists of 2009 and…I’m on there!!! That’s right, my intern called me this morning to inform me that I’ve been ranked #8 in the world!!! I’m really excited! To be on the same list as so many of my heroes is an honour. […]

Keychain featured in Vegas Newspaper!

Hey guys, The folks from Las Vegas Weekly came down to report on the Love Systems Superconference 2009. Savoy sent them into my break-out room seminar on Kino Escalation…somewhat of a speciality of mine and certainly something I don’t pull any punches when teaching! For those who like pretty pictures, there’s a cool (not necessarily […]

Keychain Voted #3 PUA of 2009!!!

I’m so excited!! For those of you who haven’t heard, I was voted #3 Instructor by the clients at the Super Conference! There are so many incredible instructors working for Love Systems so to be so ranked was a real honour! Thanks to the guys who voted Big congratulations to the overall winner: Future. This […]


Hey guys,
So the big news this week is…Love Systems Super Conference 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada!!!
It’s a HUUUGE gathering of game – there will be so much combined game in the room it’ll be unbelievable! Together, we’ll be able to seduce anything! It’ll be like when the Decepticons combine to form Devastator…
Simply said, it’s going […]

Keychain’s 1-Night Seminar Hits Munich!!

Hey guys! I’m really excited to be running a 1-night-only seminar in Munich on the 17th of September! Our training is the best in the world, and our prices reflect that…but tickets to this event have an insanely low price tag, much less than I’d spend on a night’s drinking with Cajun and Tenmagnet! It’s […]

Upcoming Mr.M Bootcamps!

Hey guys, Quick update: So I’m gonna be at the up-coming Mr.M Bootcamps in Oslo (AUG 21-23) and Dublin (AUG 28-30) – I’m excited! If you’re attending these Bootcamps, drop me an email or comment and let me know! If you’re not…sign up! There are literally 2 spaces left on each of the Bootcamps, so […]

Future on PennyArcade

I’m not a gamer, so I don’t know what this means but Love Systems instructor Future apparently made the Penny Arcade front page. Apparently the guys who run the site, Tycho and Gabe, had a lively debate about the merits of Love Systems and whether it works or not. It turns out that Future knows […]

Keychain: Origins!

Whenever I’m on a bootcamp or training a 1-1 client there’s always a moment I dread…it’s THE QUESTION.
During a seminar break I’ll walk across the room to pour myself some coffee, doing my best to maintain my alpha-male swagger in the face of severe jetlag, and a well-meaning young man will approach me with THE […]

Cajun is the Terminator

Hey guys, I just heard from Cajun (star LoveSystems Instructor featured in Keys to VIP) that his operation was a success. What’s more, now he’s got a met Levitra woman al plate in his head he qualifies to be an actual cyborg from the future! Clearly t his will revolutionise his game. Cajun old opener: […]

Keys does Austin…and Chicago…and SanFrancisco…AND Los Angeles (wtf?!)

Hey guys,
So it’s 3:30AM (London time) as I write this, so I’m going to make it quick.
I’m still flying out to Austin tomorrow for the Bootcamp with TenMagnet and Cajun…but as of about an hour ago I’m also going to be accompanying Soul on a Daygame Adventure teaching workshops in Chicago, San Francisco and LA […]


That’s right, your brave adventurer will be landing in Austin, Texas from Thursday 29th January – Monday 2nd February! I’m here buy kind invite of TenMagnet and Cajun to help teach on their BootCamp in the city. Everyone I talk to tells me Austin is an WILD, AWESOME town…man, I can’t wait! Here’s the schedule […]

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