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New Keychain Video Interview!

Hi guys,
During my time in Aachen, Germany at the Real Man Conference 2010 I met Scott Mckay and his wife Emily. After sharing a speakers’ dinner with conference organisers Pim and David it became clear that a lot of Scott’s and Emily’s ideas about relationships and dating resonated with mine. We ended up touring Aachen […]

Big Business in Chicago!

Hey guys, Great news, Big Business is running another Humour, Improv and Attraction seminar in Chicago on June 12th! Big Business plays professional comedy shows as well as traveling the world as a Love Systems instructor. He’s extremely qualified to teach humour for attraction and has received rave reviews. Some of you may remember the […]

Keychain on IamStaggered.com!

Hey guys, I’ve started writing a guest blog on istaggered.com – being a site that has to do with mens’ wedding issues (stag parties, best man speeches etc…) it’s a little different from the usual stuff on how to get women. I’m challenging the readers to follow my blog for a year and am ‘guaranteeing’ […]

Keychain Exposes Big Business!!! (4/4)

Part 4:

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Phone and Text Book Launch!!!

Hey guys! I’m excited, Mr.M just forwarded me an insiders’ copy of the finished phone and text game ebook and it’s insane! First of all, it’s absolutely huge. This isn’t some shoddy collection of articles that barely touches twenty pages…nope, this behemoth is one-hundred and seventy five pages long! I get so many emails from […]

Keychain Exposes Big Business!!! (3/4)

Part 3:

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Keychain Exposes Big Business!!! (2/4)

Part 2/4 of the audio interview with professional comedian Big Business:

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Keychain Exposes Big Business!!!! (1/4)

Hey guys, That’s right!! I’ve finally tracked him down and exposed him for the evil scoundrel that he is!! Hahaha, at last the truth is out!! Just kidding. What I actually have today is way cooler than that. You probably caught my recent post announcing Big Business’ upcoming Humour and Improv Seminar. You can read […]

Ode to a Wingman

Famous Ladies’ Men 2: Woody Allen

In this second installment of my light review of famous ladies’ men, we turn our attention to Woody Allen. With professional success ranging from screenwriting, directing, acting, music and many other areas it’s a wonder Allen (born Allen Stewart Koningsberg) had any time at all for the ladies! But time he had – marrying several […]

Famous Ladies’ Men: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hey guys, From time to time I’m going to discuss famous ladies men, either in short essays or footage-analysis formats (as below). I’d love to hear from you guys about the ‘famous ladies’ men’ that you’ve learned from – drop a comment below with suggestions as to who you’d like me to analyse next! Check […]

Keychain Recommends…

Hey guys, I just got back from the bootcamp in Melbourne, Australia. What a blast! The students were all awesome guys and it was so much fun hanging out with Sheriff, 5.0 and Elate. I actually have some pretty crazy stories to tell from that weekend and you’ll probably be seeing a couple FR’s and […]

Keychain’s KJ Challenge!

– The Challenge of Kings… Defining a Keyboard Jockey KJ is the acronym for the phrase ‘keyboard-jockey’. He’s the kind of guy who has read Magic Bullets back to front, can quote entire passages from the Classic Writings and impresses his friends at lair meetings with his impressions of Jeremy from the interview series: ‘Hi […]

Pablo Francisco on Wussies and CockBlocks!

/> I just read Savoy’s gre at review of you at the Super Conference. Congratulations! looking forward to seeing you in berlin : )

Keychain Debunks: Going in Direct vs Going Indirect

Hey guys,
Okay, let’s clear something up here – it’s one of my pet hates with the way us community folks talk about direct and indirect opening.
Read the following sentences ALOUD:
– ‘LMR is one of the problems with going indirect.’
– ‘I recommend guys go in direct these days, it conveys more sexual intent.’
And the sentence that […]

Keychain’s Daygame Primer

‘Game with the lights on’ Introduction If meeting women in the daytime is something you’re interested in then this primer is for you. It contains the basic information on daygame that I present at most bootcamps I instruct at. In my opinion, this is what you need to know to get out there and start […]

Psychology of Love

Peter Salovey, Professor of Psychology and Dean of Yale College lectures on the psychology of love – fantastic content here guys. Enjoy! Keys

Does Porn Hurt People?

l love sex site so much

Crash and Burn(out)!

‘Take rest, a field that is rested gives bountiful crop.’ Ovid
In the first year or so of my practice, I went through an interesting cycle. I’d go out and socialise, improve and learn. At times, it was really frustrating. On occasions I’d bang my head against sticking points I couldn’t identify, have good nights […]

$4000 Jewellery Fiasco!

A true story from my recent travels in the US…
She stood behind the jewellery counter, her aged skin caked in powder and her treated hair shiny in the harsh store light. The mall was otherwise deserted. It was a freezing day in Chicago and I was coaching. My client and I stood politely as the […]

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