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How To Get Into Project Rockstar 09 – Director’s Cut

In the summer of 2008 Mr.M took six young men and turned their lives upside down as they took part in the seduction community’s biggest event since the release of ‘that book’ about ‘that guy’ with the black nails and fuzzy hat… 8 weeks of intensive, no-holds barred training in all aspects of social seduction […]

Keys gives Back

Hey guys, Keychain here. Basically, I’m opening up some time for some free one-on-ones for guys in London. Game/life-related issues covered. I’d love to give something back to you guys who have been following Rockstar for all these weeks To all of you, it’s a big THANK YOU! My time is VERY limited, and I’m […]

Day 46 – Keychain

Hey guys, hope you’re all well Here’s another Rockstar update from yours truly… On Tuesday we had our weekly session with 5.0. As usual, it was a good time with lots to learn (always so much more to learn!). 5.0 had us watch as Optimistic and Blackswan ran a two-set in a pub. We analysed […]

Day 40 – Keychain

Hey guys, I had work commitments today so wasn’t able to join the guys sarging. I heard from them that a lot of fun was had and a lot of salsa was danced! Talk from London_Hunk tomorrow, looking forward to it! I always walk away from these freshly inspired. Been making a concerted effort to […]

Day 38 – Keychain

Hey guys. Last night we were out and about with 5.0. We all hung out and chilled for the evening – 5.0 was in set with loads of guys and one girl…and had her isolated in no time. Killer. Later in the night he gave some great advice to the Rockstars about integrating game as […]

Day 33- Keychain

Hey guys! So tonight was the Rockstar Gives Back Bootcamp…what a fun night! As I mentioned before, Starlight has done a great job of selecting the students. Everyone was enthusiastic, eager to learn and brave to try new things. All of the Rockstars gave a talk on various different topics, with Vercetti keeping a watchful […]

Day 36 – Keychain

Today was crazy. I got back from the barren Northlands (!?) just after 11am after a looong journey. Grabbed a quick shower and bounced down to London town for some afternoon tea! We went to a beautiful members only club as the guests of one of London Soul’s students. A captivating guy, he talked about […]

Day 32 – Keychain

Hey guys, so excited about the Rockstar Gives Back Bootcamp tonight. 6 Rockstars, 6 students and…Sheriff! Starlight has done the selecting, and he’s a great reader of people so can’t wait to see who he’s brought along… Last night we had a two hour talk with Sheriff about the basics of instructing. Full of funny […]

Day 26 – Keychain

Hey guys! So today was our leaver’s party for University…so I SCM’d it and went out. Intended to meet up with Paladin but alas it never materialised… So, it was fun(ish) but was mainly about having my face seen. It’s the last big party so it’s good to remind everyone in that part of my […]

Days 18/19 – Keychain

Hey guys! Well, I’m sooo snowed under with my dissertation (due in next Thursday!!!) that the instructors kindly let me take some time off to hit it hard. I’ve been working at it for ages and 80% of the legwork was done before I joined Rockstar. During Rockstar, I’ve basically been chipping away at the […]

Day 17 – Keychain

Hey guys, last night was fun. We had a bit a break from sarging and the Rockstars (along with Mr.M, Sasha, Soul, Daxx) got all musical and attended a gig, woo! Lol, anyway, finally the Rockstars had an opportunity to get some of those Day2’s on the go (it’s hard to fit them into our […]

Day 14 – Keychain

Hey guys…something big is happening, a serious opportunity. It’s going to blow the lid off Rockstar. Watch this space people, you do not want to miss what is about to be announced in the next 24 hours… Anyway, back to earth. Today was the day off – I did loads of work and caught up […]

Day 13 – Keychain

Hey guys, two things to report about today. Sasha’s daygame session yesterday and the lectures today from Harlequin and Skeletor. On Saturday we had another daygame session with Sasha – we focused on shop game (in this case, Topshop game). Soul was there also, so the group split into two between the instructors. I went […]

Day 41 – Keychain

Hey guys! Today we had a talk from London_Hunk on comfort game. I rocked up at his place only to see Virgo…we always bump into each other when we’re out sarging (his recent 40-day daily-sarge challenge coincided with Rockstar so we were out a lot!). Little did I know that he’s an NLP expert training […]

Day 12 – Keychain

Post class the place turned into a free-for-all salsa session – I danced a bit and then went to the bar with the guys. I was super exhausted but I was having fun and smiling with the guys. We did some sets, danced with some pretty girls and had a good time. Vercetti shared some […]

Day 8 – Keychain

Hey guys, another crazy day at Project Rockstar… We had a daygame session with Soul – Sasha and Vercetti were there also. Soul gave some great theory and then we split off with various instructors to do some sets. I went with Sasha and Starlight…talk about power winging! Sasha was kind enough to demo a […]

In the Beginning there was…Wetherspoons

Keychain – Day 1 Wh at a crazy day… Picture the scene, it’s a rainy day in London town and four of the five Rockstars converge on a Wetherspoons to meet for the first time for a pre-Rock lunch…We had to eat fast, the meet-and-greet session was in a half hour and we were not […]

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